How “The Dog House” Undermines Passionate Partnership



My loves,

This morning I was thinking about a fairly common meme in American culture… Of telling a man to “Get out!!” Or leaving a blanket on the couch as a sign for him to sleep there when he’s earned the ire of his wife.

This undermines Passionate Partnership.

To create passionate partnership you must remove certain behaviors as being acceptable within a relationship.

One of them is the right to kick your Husband out of the bed, the bedroom or the house.

Think about this for a moment… And no beautiful, this isn’t about sex.

This is about respect. Your bed is his bed. Your bedroom is his bedroom. Your home is his home.

Telling a man to go sleep on the couch is the height of Rejection and Disrespect regardless of reason.

Understand what you’re communicating:
1. I am so angry with you that I can’t abide your presence. (This illicits deep rejection in the Masculine)
2. I have more of a “right” to be here than you do (devaluing and undermining his investment in the relationship and the family)
3. I have more authority over this space than you do (emasculating him)
4. I know what “we” need… You do not. (Placing yourself out of the position of his lover into being his mother)
5. Your feelings don’t count.

You hold his heart my love, Make a commitment to be mindful of how you treat it… Especially when you’re angry.

With great power comes great responsibility.


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On Objectification

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My darlings… On my mind today- Objectification…

Be aware it takes many forms.
Just because something is common doesn’t mean it’s beneficial.
Currently there is an objectification of men… Yes men.
Many women want the semen of men (for children).
Want their admiration (for self confidence).
Want their strength (for protection).
Want their Lingam and Tongue (for pleasure).
Want their masculinity (for strength).
Want their Gender expression (for power).

But truly do not want Men.

Many do not value the essence of what it means to THEM to be men- but rather desire to recreate them in our image.
Many do not trust the innate beauty and divinity of Men- but feel that we must train them to be “good.”

There is this illusion… Where men are being turned into puppies and we confuse that with consciousness.

Many are confusing feminine empowerment with masculine oppression.

We want to be goddesses and deny men their God-ship.

Holding them to a standard we don’t have for ourselves.
Asking them to accept us as we are, while rejecting them for what they are not.

My darling ladies… We must learn how to address our own struggles, insecurities, fears, memories, rejections, disappointments and the like so that we have the wherewithal to handle being with a Man.

We must have the expansiveness in our heart to really feel love. And the strength to BE it.

Don’t confuse being Wild with being Feral.
Don’t confuse being Wisdom with being All Knowing.
Don’t confuse being a Priestess with being Perfect.
Don’t confuse being a Mother with being a Martyr.
Don’t confuse being a Companion with being a Keeper.
Don’t confuse being the Unformed One with being Flighty.
Don’t confuse being the Transformer with being the Controller.

It’s time to heal.
I love you.

In Laughter, Love, and Lustiness,

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