Tears, Freedom and Precious Time

Sometimes you just need a good cry.

Mercury Retrograde tends to bring up irritation, fear, and – if we allow it – tears.
I’m really taking this time to dig deep and open fully to my Truth and Awakened State.
I accept Divine Invitations.
I’m allowing myself to become more vulnerable more raw, more tender.
And that means tears.
I give myself the freedom to cry.
No need to hold it in or hold it back.
I watch as the rain pours down, drenching central TX (which rarely happens). I watch as buildings are flooded and rocks are moved, I watch  the landscape totally transformed as I walk along the woods on the mountain behind our home.
Isn’t it amazing what water can do?
I’m reminded of a quote by Lao Tzu – one that I have lived my life by:

In the world there is nothing weaker than water, yet for doing that which is hard- nothing surpasses it

And I’m watching this truth enacted all around me.
And within me.
Nothings wrong – which is part of the reason why these tears are so freeing.
They aren’t born of pain, anymore than rain is a sign of some Divine displeasure.
They’re here as a sign of change, an invitation to softening more deeply into myself, my purpose, my passion.
So I allow them.
I sat on my Kings lap a couple days ago and wept. And He kissed my forehead (as He does) and held me.
There is something so beautiful about being with someone who knows how to hold space for you. To simply BE with you and know you’re not broken because your eyes are leaking. 
In fact these leaks are signs of great transformation.
It’s been my observation that Transformation doesn’t take place in great sweeping externally observable shifts.
But in small micro awakenings.
Small tendrils of longing finding fertile soil.
These things grow if we allow them. If we give them space without rushing off into the next thing.
I’ve often had to remind clients of this as they seek external validation for a process thats occurring inwardly.
Relax. Soften.
And I’m mindful of that in myself.  Watchful. Cautious.
I notice when I feel like I simply MUST do X, or go off to Y.
And I sit down. I journal. I drink a cup of tea while watching the rain.
This is such a precious, precious time.
Mercury Retrograde precious?
Because all of the emotion is unearthed… ready for the plucking.
I get to feel it, dive into it, it’s here for me.
I also get to release all that doesn’t serve. But not in flurry of decluttering. But in a lingering loving goodbye. 
The kind of goodbye you give to those dying.
To a lover you know you won’t see again.
Saying good bye to What Was – is part of this Transformation.
I wonder if the caterpillar sighs a tender goodbye to it’s state as it surrenders into a butterfly?
How wonderful it is to be able to do that with our own seasons of transformation as we become- lovingly letting go of what was.
How delightful is the journey – when we’re not rushing towards the destination. 
In love,
namaste signature pink
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