Are you willing to die for your Feminine?

I came across this quote the other month

You’ve got to find what you love and let it kill you ~Kinky Friedman*

It caused me to wake up and simultaneously – sink into myself.



So often my darling- I see you spend yourself in NOT finding what you love because you do not want to die.

And so you make due in the mundane. The mediocre. The common.

You convince yourself that this is your fate. Your lot.

And yet- if this is you – you felt a confusion just now. The waters of your soul were troubled. Something in you said “yes”.

This is your path – and on some level – through time and space and unknowing- you know it.

There are 2 facets, to this path.

If you are a woman who does not know why you are here, who has run in circles and gathered breadcrumbs along the way  – yet STILL has not found her seed of Greatness, her Purpose, her reason for being – to you I say-

You must find what you love


You must become the huntress, and your prey is that great Purpose for which you came here.

You must learn to crack open the hardness of your heart until you find where it beats and blood runs.

You must let that heart so beating lead you, coax you, seduce you and – if necessary- drag you behind it in the pursuit of What You Love.

If you are a woman who knows what you love… I say-

Let it kill you


Stop striving to protect yourself from what you fear of it.

And by death I’m not speaking of the literal.

I’m speaking of death by Loves own hand.

Let it crucify your need for approval

Let it trample your stale world view

Let it cause your knowledge of self, of life of Spirit, to be undone only to be remade.

No one takes my life but I lay it down ~Jesus

Here’s the secret dear heart, once you have laid your life down – you become magnificently FEARLESS.

It was not snatched from you like a thief in the night- no… instead you found what you love – and you allowed it to have it’s way with you.

To slaughter that which no longer served.

The life of the butterfly begins at the death of the caterpillar 

You released that armor of pride in favor of a cloak of Vision. Purpose.


And you found… perhaps unexpectedly – the most sublime of Pleasure.

This is both the invitation of the Feminine and the Masculine.

Feminine women and Masculine men already know the TRUTH of this love on some level – but they often have not yet found the way to surrender to it.

They often spend their time instead seeking to find another way – something far more politically correct. Something easier and more neutral.

Something less intense.

Neutrality is not the space of love. No one dies for neutrality. No one surrenders to neutrality.

If you’re reading this and felt something stir just a bit in you – I daresay that path of Neutrality is not yours.

Your heart is aching for something more…

surrender to it, then let it kill you.


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* This quote is often attributed to C. Bukowski – however it does not appear in any of his works and has been traced back to Kinky Friedman being the most likely originator.

An A-muse-ing Story

I have a love of pet names. Terms of endearment roll off my tongue with some frequency.

I love them. These touch-points that say…

I see you.

I honor you.

I find them to be a wonderful way to add a touch of tenderness to the coldness of on-line communication.

A touch of humanity.

A touch of “Yes, I’m breathing and so are you- isn’t this wonderful”-ness.

When I began SOFT – The School of Feminine Transformation – I wanted the ladies who were a part of SOFT to have their own name. Some term of endearment by which they are called.

I played with a bunch and even used “baby” for a while- but it didn’t sound true.

It didn’t convey all the power that these women held.

One day a few months ago – when I had asked the question and relaxed into the joy of awaiting the answer- it simply sprang up from within me.


That is what these amazing women are. They are my Muses.

In Greek mythology, a Muse is a Keeper of the Arts.

In common usage, a muse is “one who Inspires”.

And it fits –  the women in SOFT inspire SOFT’s becoming. They are the forest the tree grows in. The ocean that inspires the coral reef.

SOFT is not a PLACE you go to – in truth the School of Feminine Transformation resides in EACH woman – each Muse that hears and answers the call.

The call to:

Love herself

Honor herself

Devote herself to herself with vast curiosity and wonder.

Each woman who understands that SHE is a worthy effort.

Her becoming, unfolding…. her unfurling is something that has VALUE.

The women in SOFT inspire the classes in SOFT – they are the whole REASON it exists.

Without them, there would be no SOFT.

They are also the Keepers of Feminine Arts.

When I call women “Muse” it is an invitation and an affirmation to her to BE that which Inspires. Energetically I’m sending out the frequency alignment of “be an inspiration” which powerfully and subtly aligns her being with her highest space.

As they go out into the world and spread their light, their Feminine, their gifts the world is made better. In Greek mythology, there were 9 muses, each different and yet each powerful in her own right. In the same way, the women in SOFT are each different. Some are dancers some writers, some business women. Some are Artists or mothers or homesteaders.

SOFT is the place for them to Land. To be nourished, to gain tools, insights, connection… and then go out again – knowing they are supported by a POWERFUL Sisterhood.

This is SOFT and these are the SOFT Muses.

In Laughter, Love, and Lustiness,


Would you Like to Learn more about SOFT? Ready to step into your Muse-hood? Click here for more information


Conscious menstruation – Owning your Cycle!

Hey there darlings,

You may have heard of the Red Tent movement (or not) – which is all about women reclaiming the power of the “red tent” or space for the honoring of our moon time. This idea was sparked for man women by the book “The Red Tent” by Anita Diamant.

Many women don’t have access to a literal red tent in their neighborhood, however with or without that physical presence you can still begin to honor your moon with conscious Menstruation.

You can ease into this idea by altering the terms you use and the spells you cast around your menstrual cycle. Yes- every time you speak of your cycle negatively dear heart you are casting a spell that comes back to you for months after.

Another easy way to begin your conscious menstruation cycle journey is by becoming awakened and aware of the types of products you use. I’ve gathered some reusable pads and done a comparison for you!

Take a watch at this Video I recorded to help you on that journey- and be sure to like, share, subscribe and comment.

If you’d like to learn how your Moontime (Menstruation) is created to work for you and practical ways to come back to hormonal health and well-being – take a peek at “Moon Mysteries” I just know you’re going to love it!!