A Living Love Letter

Since this New Year has arrived I’ve been kind of quiet. I’ve been feeling deeply to clarify, simplify. I’ve been enjoying lots of white space, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this shows up this year.

I’m even more deliberate. Present. Aware.

And I realized I totally dropped the ball.

There is something that is so very important to me, and I’ve never really shared my heart with you about it.

And I think you should know.

I wrote this letter- as a literal love letter. You can read the hand written version here:

If you find my writing too challenging to read- you can read the typed version below:

A Love Letter to You,

While contemplating sending out an email this morning, I realized that what I really wanted was to write you a love letter. There is something beautiful about putting pen to paper that writing an email can never compete with. It feels real, tangible, touchable. And if you’re writing to express love it makes it incarnate.


I realize I’ve never really shared with you why I created SOFT. No, not the sales page which is  wonderful – but the Heart of SOFTS creation and I write this I wonder how far I can get into it without crying – because I feel so deeply connected to this work – but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I remember being a new mother full of bright ideas and all sorts of intuition – but no where did I find support for all that I wanted to do.

I remember being a new wife and wanting to be the best version of myself and create a happy marriage – but I couldn’t find resources or classes to help me in that process.

I remember taking steps to forge a New relationship with Spirit – not join a religion – but carve out my own reality – with ritual and facets that  spoke to me – but I could not find a way any place.

I remember when I first felt the stirrings that my menses was about more than cramping and baby making – pouring over books, having tons of conversations, scouring the net which seemed much smaller back then.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege to meet and connect with thousands of women. Some for a moment many for years – to see their longing and dissatisfaction – seeking not only information but  also community, wisdom.

When I first felt to teach online I thought I’d offer classes, individual classes, that would be informative, resourceful and intuitive – but I felt called to more.

I didn’t want women to have to do it alone – as I often felt I did – The Feminine naturally loves to operate in delicious community and connection

I wanted to make the esoteric and mysterious accessible and yet still maintain it’s mystery. This is more challenging than it sounds!

I wanted to provide templates for the phases I’ve gone through in my own transformation – while allowing for the uniqueness of each woman’s experience.

Most of all I desired to encourage, exhort, inspire and facilitate the Beauty & Fabulous nature I KNOW resides in you – not from fear, struggle and lack – but ease, pleasure and flow.

I know you’re worth it – every late night spent writing, every early morning recording, over 2 decades of research and a lifetime of LIFE – to bring you this.

SOFT is my Living Love Letter to YOU.



Wow- my darlings… you have no idea how weepy that makes me.  Knowing the lives that are touched and true Transformation that occurs when a woman invests in herself.

Truly invests in her self.  Knowing she’s worth it.

SOFT – the School of Feminine Transformation is not your typical “School” – there are no textbooks, no tests.

Like the original meaning of School -It is a place where you learn, discuss, and gain knowledge and wisdom LEISURELY.  You open the space in your life for the gaining of knowledge – and that Knowledge when applied- TRANSFORMS.

This is how the world is changed. An inside job. One woman at a time.

More than anything the driving force of SOFT – is an earnest desire to see woman fulfilled and a DEEP to-the-bone knowing that this is possible for EVERY woman.

I hope you’ll join me in my Living Love Letter.

In Laughter, Love and Lustiness,


You can find out more about SOFT here.