The Yin of Life


Recently on my Private Facebook group we were having a conversation and the topic of  “Yin Yoga” came up.

Whether you take Yoga or not – Yin Yoga has 3 Tattvas (or essential principles) that are delicious and wonderful for any woman seeking to embody her Feminine. In addition while these principles are needful all the time- there is so much more of a push around the Holidays to be more Yang that embodying these principles can deeply open you to an experience of your Feminine that you have not truly had before.

Come into the pose to an appropriate depth – When you are assuming any position in Yin it is not about going as deeply as possible or stretching as much and as tension filled as possible. It’s about feeling into your body – feeling where the appropriate depth is FOR YOU. This depth shifts and changes from day to day and practice to practice.  The appropriate depth is not something determined by the instructor or decided upon by your intellect. It is something fully felt into.  In the same way as we engage our Feminine in Life we must allow it to determine the positions we assume and to what depth we will sink into that position – and this without judgement.  Women can feel compelled to “prove” our worth, our value, our strength and so assume positions that are out of our “depth”. Even saying that something is out of your depth you might be able to feel internal resistance that says “nothings out of my depth!!”, this is a good example of the internal need to show “proof of worth”. This need creates all sorts of discomfort unnecessarily.

Resolve to remain still – Stillness is a powerful state. It is the practice of the Masters, Gurus and deeply spiritual individuals.  Often to remain still is the most challenging of acts, isn’t it? Something happens and you feel like you need to “Do SOMETHING!!!”  This perpetual need to be active is  the cause of much Feminine depletion. And yet to remain still is the height of Trust. Trust that regardless of what appears – all is as it is meant to be. Trust that the world and your life are moving at the speed they should and that even without your constant motion and constant work and effort – things can and will get done. Stillness is an opportunity to surrender. Finding opportunities to commit to stillness is a beautiful practice. Commit to stillness for at least 24-48 hours during your moontime. Commit to stillness when you don’t feel well. Commit to stillness when things feel manic and stressful. Commit to stillness to com back to your Divinity. Commit to stillness to feel the pleasure in just BEing. Commit to stillness simply because.

Hold the pose for time – This is why the first two principles are so important. Because the position that assumed and the stillness to cultivated – you are now going to maintain for a season. Do not assume a position you are not willing to maintain – if you bend over backwards make sure you are able to sustain that position. This is an important idea because often a woman will begin to do things and allow herself to be moved upon by external forces instead of following her internal guidance. When this happens she can not sustain the position and ends up resentful and feeling taking advantage of.  There are actually 2 things to focus on when you’re applying this to your life- 1. Is the position and 2. is the time. First understanding the position you are assuming in any situation and secondly is feeling into how long you can sustain that position and making sure it’s clear to anyone who you are assuming that position with. An example is if you allow some one to live with you. 1. Understanding all that will be involved in having someone in your space and 2. How long can you joyfully maintain that? So often women do not look at these things and then end up angry with those they assumed the position for.

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In Laughter, Love, and Lustiness,

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