Keep Breaking

Recently I wrote the following as a Status Update on FB:

After posting that I was reading some Rumi (my Best friend and brother from another Age) and I came across this quote:


This moved me deeply.

Something coalesced for me. An idea that had been simmering for a while

The tendency is to fear heart ache more than anything, and, after heartache to say, “I’ll never be the same” and “I’ll never love the same”

In reality- this is true. We can’t love the same after heart ache.

We can love MORE.

Heartache has the amazing ability to break us open in a way that nothing else really can – if we let it.

Unfortunately the “lessons” we learn often toughen us, callus us, turn us cold and stoney.

This happens because when we have our heart broken we tend to go directly into blame. Our current environment which colors everything uncomfortable or painful  in shades of abuse doesn’t help when it comes to this.

But we can deepen.

We can understand that when we’re broken OPEN –  the pain of the previous experience gives us the ability to know how deeply we CAN love and be wounded and heal to love AGAIN. We can become  both stronger and more softened as a result. We can open MORE, give MORE, remember MORE.

I think of my relationship with my Beloved, Richard.  In my previous marriage I thought I knew all of my ability to love and to give. I thought I could not possibly love more.

I was wrong.

In my marriage to Richard I’ve learned a level of surrender, contentment and love that I didn’t know was possible.  I’ve become resilient without resistance.  It has been precious and profound to experience.  I’ve realized that love isn’t known by how perfect our partners are or how perfect we are- it’s known by how well we learn to fit together, how much acceptance we can give to another person. I’ve learned the bravery and devotion it takes to love him more and strangely the more I love him, the better I love me.

Funny that.

The more love I give, the more love I receive.  And yet for many – it’s the giving of love- especially without a known “quid pro quo” that is feared MOST.

But we must do what it is we fear to do.

You can do it.

Break open darling.

I love you,

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We Will Not Forget


“On behalf of the President of the United States and the Chief of Naval Operations, please accept this flag as a symbol of our appreciation for your loved one’s service to this Country and a grateful Navy.” “God bless you and this family, and God bless the United States of America.”   

And with those words, the young Naval officer solemnly placed the folded  casket flag into my arms.  My heart broke with the emotion of the moment as I clutched the flag to my heart and the tears poured down my face – he slowly saluted, nodded to me and he and the other honor guard solemnly and slowly exited the tent erected over the gravesite of my father.  This was July 5th, 2011 –  the day after Independence Day when my Dad was laid to rest in the same cemetery next to my Mom who was buried there 13 years earlier.

Selective blindness… sometimes we can look right at a thing for so long it doesn’t register on our consciousness.  For years I’ve seen the familiar tricorner shape of american flags in their ceremonial display boxes, the deep blue of the flag contrasting with the crisp white stars.  I’ve seen them here and there all my life, in offices, on shelves, in display cabinets and in the office backgrounds of various people being interviewed on television.  Long ago, I remember thinking something trite like ‘how cool is that’ or idly wondering how someone came to possess such a thing. I’ve also heard of ceremonial flags given or awarded as keepsakes after they are flown briefly above a state or national capitol building. Beyond a cursory glance I never gave the provenance of these folded flags much thought.  Until I received this tricornered flag which now enjoys a special place of honor in my home.

Today, I recognize that the flag that Im seeing most often is the ceremonial flag, due to the small triangle.  The ceremonial flag measures 3’x5′.  A military casket flag by comparison measures 9.5’x5′ and when it is folded properly, lengthwise and then folded again, it can be folded in the triangle pattern exactly 13 times.  Typically it is taken from the casket of a fallen soldier and folded by an honor guard at the gravesite and then presented to the next of kin with all the gravity and solemnity of that ceremony – Once folded in this way, it is never to be unfolded again.

It is a wonderful, majestic thing to see the honor, love and care that goes into the military homegoing ceremony and the experience is indelibly etched into my memory.

I am seriously proud of my Dad, that he served with honor in the Navy.  And on this annual day of remembrance – this Memorial Day, I also am proud and honored to be a part of a much larger, extended family.  This particular family is special and different, being comprised of those that are known to me and also thousands and thousands of people – faces that I do not know and probably never will. I love them all anyway and I celebrate and honor them today as well.  We are bound together by this memento of our shared history – that our kin are now laid to rest in honor and we have this folded flag as a symbol of their service and also to mark their passing from this life.

For all who have served, who are currently in service or have laid down their lives in defense of our country – we love and remember you this day.

Rest well, Pops.  I love you.


Flourite Yoni Egg

yoni eggs

Good morning darling,

Some of my Yoni EggsThis week I’ve been experiencing my Flourite Yoni Egg. First, let me say that I’d felt called to this particular crystal for some time.

I’m a Crystal Whisperer (my term for a person who works with Crystals and who crystals speak to) and Flourite is often a stone that desires to come with me whenever I travel. It’s a fabulous multitasking stone because it works on SO many levels.  That said this is the first time I’ve actually used her internally. I’ve had the egg  for 2 days.

So far I’ve felt subtle energy blocks being cleared. Strength and bravery showing up, and detachment from outcomes being infused in my cells. It’s like it’s Upgrading my Vibration another level or three.  On my Facebook page, I suggested this particular egg only for those at level 3 Consciousness or above – this was not to be snobbish. Flourite used internally is such a Powerhouse that I suggest being ready for the shifts she’s going to bring so that your life isn’t totally thrown into chaos. The intensity of the emotional changes prevent ignoring them and the acceleration of your vibration can be heady, overwhelming and challenging. After receiving all of the emotional shifts and spiritual downloads I felt nauseous for a few hours – which has now passed.

I always like to tell of ways that you can involve your partner/mate in your experiences. My Beloved actually picked out the egg for me from a basket full of  eggs.  He really felt into which one was “my” egg. That made the egg even more precious to me.  Also – while my egg has been tucked snuggly inside of me, during our affectionate time He placed a finger inside of me and felt it. There was something so touching, intimate and sacred about that simple act. He said it’s like I have a secret tucked inside.

 I’m looking forward to seeing how long she want’s to stay in.  I’ll come update this page with the number of days I keep her in.

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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The Fearful Yeah Buts

I talk to women all the time who are afraid.  Whatever their purpose, their passion, their desire – they have not and will not leap into it.

“Let me just…”

“I just need to…”

Is this you?

I understand you ladies. Trust me.  I understand because I’ve been there…

So afraid of making the wrong move, so afraid of what comes next. The Devil you know versus the one you don’t.  Settling for whatever is currently present rather than reaching for the stars.  Always seeking to “get my ducks in a row” before I’m ready. Getting ready to get ready.

Been there done that.

It reminds me of this passage from a Sacred Text:

“Jesus said to another, “Follow me.” He said, “Certainly, but first excuse me for a couple of days, please. I have to make arrangements for my father’s funeral.” Jesus refused. “First things first. Your business is life, not death. And life is urgent: Announce God’s kingdom!”Then another said, “I’m ready to follow you, Master, but first excuse me while I get things straightened out at home.” Jesus said, “No procrastination. No backward looks. You can’t put God’s kingdom off till tomorrow. Seize the day.” Luke 9:59-61 

As a child when I read this – I didn’t understand it at all. I pondered why Jesus wouldn’t want someone to bury their parent (after all thats what it means to honor your parents, right?) or not even to say goodbye?? I mean really- can’t he wait for a moment? Sheesh!

Then one day I was listening to someone tell me why she couldn’t do something that she claimed she wanted to do. And it dropped into me. … “it’s procrastination. That’s the problem.”

Jesus understood the tendency to procrastinate means there’s ALWAYS a “good reason” to wait, to hesitate, to NOT commit.  We often don’t see these things as procrastination because we feel like we DO want to do it, there’s just a thing we need to do – FIRST.

It’s what I call the “Yeah, buts”

“What’s the problem with that?” you ask. This negatively impacts a persons vibration. There’s a “yes” and a “no” present in the vibrational field. When that occurs you magnetize whichever is the dominant feeling.

And the dominant feeling is the one with more emotion attached to it.  So if the “yes” is diffuse and ephemeral and the “no” is visceral and full of fear – guess which one you attract?

More” no”.

Which means that more and more things come up to make your “No” abundant.  To give you more “no”.

I hear this occasionally when a woman feels my Work calling to her.

“I feel like I need get enrolled in SOFT, but I just need to get somethings in order first”.  And I listen to the doubt, the fear and holding back in her vibration.  I hear: “I’m scared”. 

“I’m feeling like I’m supposed to work with you! It came to me last night… – I’ll do a consult I just need to work on myself first” and I hear: “I need to be “right” first” 

All of this is to say that in order to go towards what you long for you – you don’t start with a plan, you don’t start with a mission statement, you don’t start with a list of characteristics of your ideal mate. You don’t start with how you want to change and fix yourself.

To start – you need to deeply, and whole heartedly COMMIT to it.

No backsies.

No buts.

No safety net.

Yes it’s  scary darling.

But you are sooo amazing.  Just commit – and find your wings.

I love you.

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Moon Mysteries Q & A

moon mysteries and yoni secrets

Hey there, loves!

I realized (belatedly) that I didn’t share this new Video here.

I receive a ton of questions about Moon Mysteries and Yoni Secrets- Here’s  a Video I put together on that.




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Hey loves!

I’m sure you all were sitting on pins and needles waiting to see who won my LUSCIOUS Giveaway right?


Sorry for the delayed response- I was out of town when the contest ended and have JUST NOW been able to make it to my Laptop to announce.

I’m supper bowled over by how many people entered – Thank you ladies!!

And without further ado – the Winner is……~drumroll~

Tasha T of Canada!!! 

Tasha – check your email darling because I’ve sent you details of some important info I need from you!

Thank you all for participating – and keep checking this spot because I’ve got something else juicy I’m posting TOMORROW!!!

 Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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