Yoni Self Massage

Good afternoon loves!

Yesterday I went to an awesome gathering of Beautiful Women – a new Body Church that’s starting locally here in Austin by Qi Dada Ras  (check her out peeps- she’s luscious!). At the end of the class, she gifted all of the ladies with a delightful coconut oil created specifically for Yoni massage – mentioning that I do a lot of Yoni work.

Since then I’ve gotten some messages asking about how to use the oil  and I realized that I don’t have anything up on here about how to do a SELF Yoni massage- nor are there many resources online for how to do Yoni Massage alone, or my unique take on Yoni Massage.

This is a big deal- because while Yoni Massage is FABULOUS and connective when done as a couple- there is also something delicious about a woman’s ability to massage herself in this way.


First What is Yoni? 

If you look up Yoni you’ll get a number of different interpretations from vagina, to vagina and vulva, to vagina, vulva and womb. For the sake of clarity – I like to make the distinction of calling all parts of the Sacred Gates and Passages the Yoni (Vulva, Clitoris, Vagina, and Cervix) and I call the Temple itself (uterus, ovaries, pelvic bowl) the Womb.

Why do a Yoni Massage? 

It is vital to recognize as women that we are Divine Incubators. This means that our natural state is one of receiving, multiplying and releasing. Everything that is created must Incubate through the Sacred Gates and Temple of the Feminine. While the Masculine holds the seeds, the Feminine is the precious soil which nourishes and offers it up. Nature does not make a distinction between our Incubating things that serve us and things that do not.  What this means is that trauma, pain, negative and limiting beliefs, abandonment, violations, and fears – all of it -once experienced tends to be held in our Yoni and our Womb and we need to release it. In addition to the releasing – we are performing an act of sublime Self Love and Nourishing. Healing is always two stages. Releasing the DisEase and Feeding that which Builds.  During a Yoni Massage, you get to experience both with your own hands.

I have specific techniques for releasing these traumas, baggage and more  for those who work with Richard or I in a Baggage Drop Session , however, I will share one way of releasing trauma from your Yoni with you – just enter your name and email in the box at the top of the page to receive the Yoni Self Massage PDF – INSTANTLY!.

If you’d like to learn more- I invite you to take part in The Moon Mysteries Class that is part of my ongoing full access School of Feminine Transformation.

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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Angry Women, why are you mad? …




Have you noticed there’s a lot of it in the world? All you have to do is scroll through Facebook, or Read any online magazine, watch TV, and you’ll notice a theme.

Anger and Irritation is the new norm.

And somewhere along the way – being an Angry woman has gotten to be considered some sort of merit badge. It’s as if we women feel as if our anger constitutes power and irritation is the same as excellence. It’s not. In fact, Anger is a tool. It’s an emotion that lets us know that something is going on with us emotionally and energetically/spiritually. Too often when the tool taps us on the shoulder we jump into RE-action – instead of sitting and waiting for Inspired Action.

Anger is often a masking emotion. It points us towards what’s underneath it – Sadness, Fear, Disappointment, Memories,  Abandonment etc; Those emotions frequently make us feel vulnerable whereas anger makes us feel powerful. So we stay in anger.

 But here’s the secret- Vulnerability is POWERFUL.

When we go through the process that the anger is ushering us into we come out Victorious. Clear. Grounded. Insightful. We grow. Be Brave my darling. Don’t be fooled by the bravado of your anger – dare to step into the authenticity of your vulnerability. Dive into the depth of who you really are.


Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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The WET Spot!

The Wet Spot 1

Hey there Ladies!

I want to invite you to this AWESOME Event I have coming up on May 18th 2014

This 5 week series will teach you specific tools to help you obtain and maintain a state of Ease and Flow through which you can source your life, your career, your love and your flow. 

  • Learn the difference between Masculine and Feminine Energy
  • How to get out of your head and into your body – you why you want to!
  • Learn and Practice a Delicious, Secret and Potent Feminine Moving Meditation that nouriches your Feminine Power
  • Quick and Instant ways to instantly interject more “Connect and Collaborate” in any situation
  • Understand how your Yoni is important to your process and how to Tune In and Turn On.
  • How your Pleasure is the ROOT of your Power and how to activate it
  • Much more!

PLEASE NOTE – When you go to Register it will ask you to pick a date – Just pick any date- you receive all 5 Weeks for one price! 

The power of this class is in the LIVE Sessions. The beginning of accessing your Feminine is to go from being an observer to becoming a co-creator. Replays and recordings will not  convey the same energy as being a live participant. My aim is to make this as close as possible to working in person with me. Because of this there are no replays available.  You will need to commit to being present for each class. If you miss a class you are still welcome to continue to attend, but there will not be a replay of the previous class available. And student missing the first class will need to contact Namaste for a 30 minute private session to learn the Meditation that will be introduced – there will be a $50 fee for this one on one session.
Tools you’ll need for the class: 
  • Web-camera – Our being able to see each other is very important.
  • Mic & Speakers
  • Water/Tea – To stay hydrated
  • Journal – In case you’d like to take notes
  • Yoni Egg- Not a MUST HAVE but highly suggested.

From the Masculine – Why you need to do your Art.

I want to see you.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

In your kitchen you have the ingredients to make a cake – but those ingredients by themselves will not suddenly become a delicious cake unless you put the effort into combining them together in the right proportions and set the stage for their eventual becoming.

Until and unless that transformation occurs, we cannot fully enjoy that cake. On your bookshelf you have any number of containers of wisdom, distilled from the thoughts of many, many wonderful people, the knowledge contained therein is waiting to be liberated – but unless we crack that book open and soak up the concepts and ideas that are on the pages – its just an idea. Again – effort is necessary for transformation.

But when you have an artistic practice – when you work your magic in which you can express your wonderful uniqueness in a special way, a medium that allows the light that is within you to become visible in the world. What kind of art?
Anything at all that allows the beauty of your soul to escape and be seen…and celebrated, that is a precious gift to the world that is so necessary, so vital to elevating your vibration and allowing your precious self to be seen as the unique woman that you truly are.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever – once you have birthed this beautiful creation into the world, your inner light takes wing and remains in flight forever. You have enabled the transformation and as a result that creation requires no further effort. Your Art forever inspires…all we need do is look at it.

That is beautiful.
YOU are beautiful.

Don’t hide yourself away.
Let me see you.



Surrender comes first…

Have you experienced your own death darling?

Allowed what you thought was your life to slip away –

Ego crucified under the onslaught of being misunderstood, unknown and rejected?

Have you let go of all that is precious to you?

Cried out for help and felt the depth of loneliness knowing there is something greater, more precious, more sublime awaiting you?

Have you experienced surrender to your own darkness?

Temptation of selling out your soul to achieve the “goals” of others, to be something you’re not?


We like to talk about rebirth- and yet we do not like to often talk about death.


Death is the height of surrender – as long as you’re struggling as long as you’re fighting you’re not dead yet.

Sometimes fighting is overrated.

In many cases the solve for the issue, the concern the challenge is simply to surrender.

Place yourself upon the flames. Go willingly though you’re trembling and full of terror.

Step into your Darkness-

To Experience the Glory of your own Rebirth.

Live, Love, Lush and Fearless,

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Are you thirsty?

Are you thirsty?

Thirst is a natural phenomenon.

It is the bodies way of letting us know that we are dehydrated that we are in need of one of life’s most fundamental elements we need water, moisture refreshment.

I’ve noticed the term being used in some circles with a measure of scorn

As if to be thirsty is synonymous with being less than, and to want something, to desire anything is an overt admission of weakness, of lack and ultimately of being a failure.

Isn’t it interesting that when we are thirsty in a very literal sense that we readily soak up the brightly colored images, our mouth is open for massive waves of effervescent juices and waters to flow over us to quench our thirst

We can almost taste it when we imagine it.

And that is a Good Thing.

I have a thirsty soul.

I have a hungry heart.

Are you hungry?

Hungry to feel his deep rich laughter vibrate inside you as he holds you in his arms

Thirsty to feel his gaze upon only you to feel that place in your heart slowly uncoiling, opening

Hungry for the heat of that love warming you to the core as you languidly stretch and relax in the warmth of that deep love opening up to him like a blossom turning its face to the sun.

Is that weakness?

I have a thirsty soul. I have a hungry heart.

Im hungry to bask in the music of her laughter

Her beautiful eyes tell me how much she believes in me

Within my embrace I feel her opening to me

Sharing with me her secrets, her whispered sigh in my ear –

she is my oasis she quenches my thirst with the refreshment of her essence.

Is that weakness?

Being thirsty isn’t for the weak

hunger isn’t for the desperate

It is truly what elevates the strong and makes us what we truly are

thirst is the motivator

Stay thirsty my friends? Fuck that.

Open your mouth state your desires

Open your heart get fed.

For everyone that seeks, finds.

Keep knocking until that door opens

Open your mouth so that it may be filled

Open your heart so you may be fed.

That’s not weakness. That’s righteousness.


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If this resonates with you and your Feminine essence is in need of transformative healing go here….


What is The Feminine exactly?

Good morning loves, 

Richard and I were doing some deep conversing this past weekend and we realized that we use terms on this website that someone new to this and to us may not totally understand. We’ve been told by our friends and loved ones that we have a language all our own anyway – and you tend to need a glossary to really “get” what we’re saying at first. This would be a lot easier if you could come to Austin, sit and rap with us for a few hours over at Halcyon – a kick arse coffee joint- but in the mean time I thought I’d start here with one of the terms that is MOST misunderstood by our visitors. 

What on earth is this Feminine that I’m talking about. 

When I talk about the Feminine I’m not speaking about ruffles and lace. I’m not talking about a woman who just sits on her hands with her eyes downcast. 

I’m talking about a specific type of ENERGY. 

Feminine energy and Masculine energy complement each other because they reside at opposite poles. (Richard will write about Masculine energy in a few days). 

Feminine energy is: 








When I talk about women being “In your Feminine” I’m speaking of operating from this succulent space. It truly does make a HUGE difference in everything. Men treat you differently. The world responds to you differently. In fact what happens is that just by “being” instead of focusing on “doing” – you find less stress and more getting done – with ease. This is not a passive being – but an active state of being.

Cultivating your Feminine is not something thats just for Southern belles, nor is it about learning how to wear make up and dresses. It’s an ongoing practice much like Yoga – where a woman learns to sink into her self and to fuel her experience of life, love and purpose from there.

In today’s world many women have bought into a Masculine ideal of power. Even though there is a huge movement for women’s empowerment it’s based on a masculine ideal of power that does not serve women. In fact this masculine ideal leaves us exhausted and worn out – frustrated and under appreciated. I talk to many women who feel like they “can’t” operate from their Feminine because they’ll be run over, taken advantage of or who see the Feminine as weakness. 

It’s powerful. Potent.

The Feminine takes that which is seed, contains it, gestates it and pushes it into the world through her blood, sweat and tears. 

That’s power ladies! 

The Feminine aspect created all that exists. 

The Feminine understands seasons and times – and has an innate knowing of when to act and when to be still – therefore conserving her precious energy and resources. 

She is the Great Conservationist! 

The Feminine sees into a situation and all of the component parts – and can weave them together holistically. 

Far from holding the Masculine in contempt- the Feminine (when not in shadow) understands the value the Masculine brings to the equation – because Masculine energy moves in ways that are not pleasurable to the Feminine. 

The Feminine is not grasping or clingy, it’s moving, flirty, seductive, intoxicating. 

The Feminine is also fierce, fearless, fabulous- but always in ways that create a spark of energy. Not dry, not harsh, not shrill. 

As a wife, mom of 8, a business woman, educator, and Oracle- being able to operate in my Feminine has been the practice that has sourced my life and enables me to do all I do without being burned out (Yes! That’s my secret ladies!) 

This is why I created SOFT to provide other women a space to learn the same tools and techniques I have used. 

What is your biggest challenge with being in your Feminine as a woman? I’d love to hear from you… Share and Comment!

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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Gimme, Gimme Giveaway!

Hey there Luscious!

So I told you I’d do a giveaway when I reached 1000 Followers on Facebook and I have!


So now it’s time for some awesomeness!! I’m giving away a SUPER Bundle!!

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Full Moon Eclipse – Relationships at the fore!



I know I know.

This post is a bit late. I’ve been receiving messages from many of you dear readers who know about my moon working wondering “Where’s the low-down on the Eclipse tonight Namaste”

So here it is.

This full moon is powerFULL. It’s an eclipse. It’s a Blood Moon. There’s a lot of stuff going on in the heavens.

I’m not like many who will speak gloom and doom or ultra magickal properties on this moon – but I will say that making some moon water to hold the intention of this energy can be very helpful in the coming weeks.

Moon water is simple to make- Simple fill a glass vessel with purified water and place it under the full moon. I typically use quart sized mason jars.

I also place all of my crystals under the full moon for clearing normally. However- because of the complex movements going on right now I’ll wait for the new moon because that energy tends to be cleaner.

What is the energy of this moon? This one is all about relationships. Relationships with Self. With your Partner(s). How are you identifying? What needs releasing? What needs to be cleared out?  Be attentive to what’s showing up in your relationships because it’s really mirroring your feelings about your SELF. That can be deeply challenging at times especially if you have folks in your sphere who are not treating you too kindly. No judgment darling- just relax and release. This is a profound time inviting release and surrender in a sense of trust. Go deep. If you’re in The School of Feminine Transformation– connect with practices in The Nest – especially the Womb Space practice. Also check into some of the Yoni Secrets- they can both help you go into surrender – which is important as relationship energy tends to bring up more root Issues.  You’ll notice now what your TRUE intentions, and unconscious motivations are – more than your normal “shoulds” which can occupy and govern your relationships. Don’t run from this insight darling. Sit with it. Then allow what needs to arise- to rise.  This is a fabulous time to set intentions. This is what you’ll use the moon water for. Creating intentions and adding this lunar energy to them to charge them up a bit more. This moon water specifically aiding in Relationship intentions.

No matter what stay open and stay sensitive.

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,


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P.S – If you’d like a sacred container to hold you, love you, accept you as you Transform – I invite you to join:http://tinyurl.com/GetSOFT


Fabulous and Feminine Tip #23

Fabulous tips background23

Psst… ladies- I’ve been talking to some amazing men – and one of the top secrets is that the very trait that many women try to ignore and tend to step away from to embody a masculine version of strength – is what is MOST needed and MOST valuable. Instinct. Insight. Intuition. Cultivate it. Honor it. It’s PRICELESS!!

Learn more

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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