Freedom Is Your Birthright

Late night recalibration from Source:

What a fascinating experience you have created dear Human creature.

You create scenerios that enable you to consistently perceive your human experience not as a delight but as a constant victimization, struggle and battle. You feel yourself as being wounded, under seige and subject to toxic environments and experiences that harm you by every turn. Emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. No one and nothing can be trusted.

You pray, meditate, chant and dance. You make tinctures and potions, complex rituals and cognitive recipes in the hope for some relief from the war into which you feel dropped.

When you are given the gift of healing, freedom… Potential joy… Rather than gleefully RUNNING in that direction you go into anxiety and angst… Concerned about bypassing, escapism, “the truth”, denial, and appropriate processing. You worry about repressing, and not doing your “work”, about being sorrowful enough, or angry enough, or powerful enough… Fearful that if you aren’t those things, if you don’t feel those things ENOUGH then you haven’t in fact earned the right to be free.

Here is the truth your soul has been longing for…

There is no setup.
No cosmic game created to keep you from the elusive wholeness and healing you seek. There is no parlay whereby you exchange enough suffering to deserve to LIVE.

Freedom is your BIRTHRIGHT.
You do not earn it, you are ENTITLED to it.
You can let go of the pain at any moment that you choose to, without consequence…
Simply REPENT-which is to have a RADICAL and complete change of mind.
You are free.

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The Cure For Pain Is Always PRESENT.

I have had the privilege of meeting, engaging with and ministering to the most amazing people my loves- one thing stands out…

The cure for pain is always PRESENT.

It is not in some future when- when whatever global, societal or communal policies are in place that you see missing. It is not when the world comes to consciousness, nirvana or awakening. It is not when THOSE people stop doing THAT thing, or when THESE people begin doing THIS thing.

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Advocating for YOUR Health and Body

Beloveds –

I want to offer some insight to you… this may sting a bit but Spirit is speaking so I must.

Please stop giving your body away to the medical profession.

As a doula, my job was to not only support my mamas – but to teach them advocacy. While this is true for mothers- I’m often astounded at how often others also don’t know how to advocate for themselves and simply hand their health over to someone else – regardless of education. YOU are 100% responsible for your health and maintain 100% authority over your body.

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On Healing Your Parent Wound

On healing your parent wound:

Parents have many pressures…

If a Parent celebrates a child’s intellect- they will be accused of pressing the child to get good grades
If a parent makes no note of the child’s intellect, they are accused of not acknowledging their intelligence.
If a parent says a child is beautiful- they are pressuring them in regard to their looks
If they never call the child beautiful- they are undermining their sense of beauty.
If a parent buys the child everything they’re indulgent
If they don’t but the child everything- they are selfish and teaching the child lack
If a parent makes the decisions they deem best, they are accused of denying the child’s agency.
If they allow the child to decide what they think is best, the patent is considered foolish because after all, that’s a child.

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