What Do Your Emotions Mean?

Good morning loves!!!

What we think is based on what we’re taught my loves. Many of us mistakenly believe we’re independent thinkers and have come up with our worldview ourselves, when in reality that world view was imparted to us, nourished and fed by others and we’ve internalized it as our identity.

When a worldview is internalized as identity everything in you will seek to protect it and the opportunity for true growth and expansion is marginalized and limited until you are willing to question it.

It is a very angst filled and often painful process beloved. Your self-concept must literally be undone so you can truly grok the I Am-ness.

The issue is that often many things taught in the “empowerment” movement will serve to hold you in the former paradigm by encouraging non-change for you, and judgment of others. In this way, the limiting belief held by the self can remain entrenched because a fundamental shift in it isn’t required.

Here is a game to play where you can observe this phenomenon yourself.

Consider something uncomfortable that has occurred most recently. Something that created a less than desirable emotional response (such as anger, disappointment, offense, sadness) in you in regard to another person, especially a man you’re in partnership with or a man in your life. It also works well for any relationship.

It helps to write this down…

What happened?
What was said?
What was your action and reaction?
What was their action and reaction?

Now here’s the interesting part…
Their action and reaction caused you to feel what?
MEANS what?
In other words, what is it indicative of?

How do you know that?
Who taught you that or where did you learn it?
What if that conclusion is absolutely INCORRECT?

Notice how you FEEL internally about the idea that your conclusion in regard to this could be… Wrong.
The resistance? That’s the belief attempting to protect itself.
The stronger the resistance the more entrenched the belief.

Consider this darling, That is simply ONE experience, but many of us do this literally thousands of times a day, and we wonder why we are unhappy, why the world seems bleak.

This is not about not feeling the emotions… It’s about what the emotions actually mean versus what we assume they mean.

Eye opening!!

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Advocating for YOUR Health and Body

Beloveds –

I want to offer some insight to you… this may sting a bit but Spirit is speaking so I must.

Please stop giving your body away to the medical profession.

As a doula, my job was to not only support my mamas – but to teach them advocacy. While this is true for mothers- I’m often astounded at how often others also don’t know how to advocate for themselves and simply hand their health over to someone else – regardless of education. YOU are 100% responsible for your health and maintain 100% authority over your body.

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On Healing Your Parent Wound

On healing your parent wound:

Parents have many pressures…

If a Parent celebrates a child’s intellect- they will be accused of pressing the child to get good grades
If a parent makes no note of the child’s intellect, they are accused of not acknowledging their intelligence.
If a parent says a child is beautiful- they are pressuring them in regard to their looks
If they never call the child beautiful- they are undermining their sense of beauty.
If a parent buys the child everything they’re indulgent
If they don’t but the child everything- they are selfish and teaching the child lack
If a parent makes the decisions they deem best, they are accused of denying the child’s agency.
If they allow the child to decide what they think is best, the patent is considered foolish because after all, that’s a child.

If I choose I could go on and on… Continue reading “On Healing Your Parent Wound”

Do You Desire to Be Seen?

Feminine Lessons:

There is nothing wrong with the desire to be seen, my love. In fact, it is one of our core needs and greatest nourishments as feminine women. Unfortunately, this need is often demonized and so rejected that it has become a huge shadow for many of us.

Like any hunger, it persists when resisted and comes out inappropriately in ways that don’t serve our deeper soul, nor the stage of life we’re in, often creating breaks in our integrity.

One of these ways is in believing we desire to serve when what we are really wanting is to be seen. Service is then just the vehicle, and as such-if you confuse these two- you will often find yourself burned out and resentful, feeling taken advantage of and unsatisfied… Going from one service opportunity to another… Whether that service is relational, spiritual or vocational.

The solve?

*Acknowledge your need to be seen.
*Accept it and celebrate it as a natural normal aspect of your feminine experience.
*Bring it forward and make it conscious and it can no longer run your life from the unconscious space.

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